The Salmar Classic Theatre

About The Classic

The Salmar Community Association was formed in 1946 for the purpose of constructing an arena as a memorial to local veterans of World War II. It was decided to build a movie theatre to raise the necessary funds and the brand new Salmar Theatre (now the Salmar Classic) opened for business in May of 1949. Monies from theatre operations were used to construct the Salmon Arm Memorial Arena which opened in 1958. The Association continued to provide financial support to the Arena until 1972 when operations were assumed by District of Salmon Arm.

Now the Salmar Classic is home to an outstanding variety of entertainment, from new and off-release movies, concerts, to Film Society offerings from around the world. Using our state-of-the-art DVD projector, we also bring you classics from yesteryear, and live broadcasts from The Metropolitan Opera in New York. With what amounts to a 25-foot-wide BIG screen TV, the possibilities are endless!

Today the Salmar Community Association continues to put all of the profits back into the community in a variety of ways including giving out hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations to local people and groups to support healthcare, education, sports, and the arts. We’ve helped build playgrounds, fountains, trails, and we’ve helped build better futures for young people through scholarships.

The Classic is available for community use and can be rented for profit and non-profit events. Contact us to book your event today!